Welcome to Linen and Rose

Hand sewn doorstop

Many many years ago as a young girl I recall being taught to sew by my mother and many years on, having had a family of my own, I decided it was time for me to give sewing a second shot. So I joined a few classes to refresh my memory and enhance my skills. It took all of two lessons to discover I was hooked and fell immediately in love with sewing again. The journey from this point was not a slow one, with my family encouraging me to follow my dreams and do more of what I love. My addiction to gorgeous linens, pretty florals and country fabrics resulted in the creation of 'Linen and Rose.'

As my passion for fabrics and sewing grew (three machines at this point) we decided it was time to call in the builders and to create an independent sewing studio. I love the studio with views of the garden and rose bushes. It's my space to sew, design and decorate with all things pretty and beautiful. As my fabric collection grew further the studio also expanded to create a separate fabric and cutting room.

I have a true love of fabrics, particularly fabrics which are designed and printed in the UK. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and visit my website. I am truly living my dream when in the studio and I appreciate all your support. 

Sheri x
Founder and Chief Sewing Officer